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At left you can see the bird's eye view floor plan of our training facility.  We have six treatment rooms available for use as well as all the amenities you'll come to expect from River Rock. 


As we are always striving to maximize our space, this floor plan may not reflect our most recent redecorating and/or reorganizing. The facility is designed in an efficient circle around a central core.


The smallest room size we would recommend for a beginning electrologist's office is a one room floor plan not less than 11' x 11'. If you have a shared waiting area and restrooms you can make it an inexpensive start.  It may be tight, but often, the price is right. 


A comfortable floor plan would be a small reception area--with enough room for a chair or two, a break room/sterilization/storage/records area with a securable window to the reception area so you could keep your client records behind closed doors approximately 11' x 11', and a treatment room of not less than 11'x11'.  Ideally you have your own small bathroom.  Sinks in your 'break" area and treatment room are a must. 


In the neighborhood of 325 square feet (or more if you can afford it) is a comfortable and generally affordable start to your business.


We are happy to assist students with designing their spaces and build-outs to maximize space and efficiency. 


This is our actual school building (to the left) with ample free parking located right outside our doors in a safe, well lit environment. 


Depending on the timing of your stay with us, we have a variety of seasonal decorating themes.  We really get into seasonal decor. 


Located right off the North Crossing, also called Highway 12, or 312, we are easy to locate.  For directions to us visit the Contact Us page


We are close to local air service at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport, as well as Megabus service from Minneapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis.  Getting to River Rock is easy as our building is visible from Clairemont Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares in town. 


Through the main entrance door you'll be in our vestibule.


Our retail area entices clients as they enter.









If you turn right from our front entry vestibule you are at our reception desk and retail area shown left.




















If you turn left, you are in our comfortable waiting area with its fireplace and/or fountain depending on season.



Our relaxing waiting area leads to the client side of the practice and treatment rooms around the corner.  You'll note when you are onsite that we often don't have many clients in our waiting room. 


We pride ourselves on booking carefully and running efficiently so we are on time or early for appointments without shorting our clients treatment time. 


Since waiting and reception areas are not spaces that will generate you income (NIGS) unless you are retailing something, we suggest you minimize this area in your beginning floor plans. 


As we prefer to book an extra buffer of 15" in between each appointment to ensure our clients get their full treatment time, if we are efficient, in a single person practice, a single chair would accommodate any guests they were to bring with them to their appointment. 


By not keeping clients waiting and efficiently turning around appointments, you are also helping to safeguard their privacy as they don't see other clients and are not seen themselves.



The East hall off of the reception area leads to our treatment rooms (left) examples of rooms are shown below. 


All rooms are equipped with ergonomically advantageous treatment chairs and operator chairs that raise, lower, rotate, and tilt to accommodate students and clients.  A few of our treatment rooms are shown below.


High intensity halogen lights and all supplies are provided without additional charge to students.







We utilize state-of-the-art epilators from Dectro capable of doing all modalities of electrolysis. 


We feature fully stocked treatment rooms set up in an ergonomic fashion to maximize efficiency of treatments.




Our client side hand washing and treatment room supply station are shown left. 


Here you'll find a mini freezer for ice packs, treatment room supplies such as bolsters and blankets as well as disposable gloves and paper drapes.




Our classroom space is well lit, and comfortable. 


We have individual desks for each student and lockers available for storing your personal items during your time at school. 









The classroom is equipped with a LCD Projector and 5 foot screen for easy viewing of presentations and DVD resources.





Just off the classroom we have two restrooms for student use.  Our entire facility is wheelchair accessible.


We want you to be comfortable during your stay with us so we try to take care of all the little details so you can concentrate on learning. 


Our break room is equipped with the world of snacks, coffee, tea, and bottled water for our students to enjoy.  We try to offer both healthy and decadent snacks for stress munching. 


There is a microwave and toaster oven as well as regular toaster, soda fountain, refrigerator and freezer for your use. 


Dishes and silverware are provided for student use.


Our Computer Lab and Library are equipped with notebook computers and DVD players for student use. 


Our building has wireless internet connectivity--bring your laptop if you have one!


Our Wall of Fame showcases some of our graduates and their businesses.  It helps to provide inspiration to students to see the incredible variety of people who become successful electrologists.


The sterilizing and sanitation station is to your left. 


We utilize hospital level sanitation and disinfection techniques preformed to exceed the highest national standard of the profession.


To ensure we are compliant with HIPAA standards, we have a secured reception desk with records kept in locked storage.  Clients check in and out for treatment via the reception window shown above.


Licenses are displayed near the reception window as are price lists as required by law.



Right: Our reception window is credenza height to ensure client privacy making it difficult to view our appointment books or other client information--shown here from the inside view. 


We assist our students with designing their own offices to ensure they are following recommended privacy guidelines and protocols as well having all the details such as legally required postings.

It has been said that every school needs an owl.  This is our Athena.  As one of our staff members is afraid of owls, we started dressing her to make her more palatable and a tradition was born.   

The owl is accepted as a universal symbol for wisdom and knowledge and as such makes an excellent symbol and emblem for a center of learning. It must be remembered that the owl was the symbol of Athena, who was not only the goddess of wisdom, but was also the goddess of arts, science, and other skills including warfare. 

The owl has exceptional vision and sense of hearing. Also known as the Night Eagle, it symbolizes wisdom and the ever important ability to visualized amazingly well and focus clearly despite darkness. 

A skill all electrologists aspire to.              


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