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Our unique hybrid eLearning program does not have a set course schedule, you determine your schedule.  We use rolling admissions you could begin your training at any time we have space available.


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We are a  Wisconsin State Licensed School of Electrology with a State approved 450 hour and 600 hour programs leading to eligibility for Wisconsin Licensure as an Electrologist.  Our e-learning program is also state approved.  We are also approved as a provider for the licensed states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, and Vermont.  Electrology training in Wisconsin is a "clock hour" program which means that literally all instructional time is "timed" so to speak and must total 450 total hours for the minimum program.

We will custom design program for out-of-state students whose states have different requirements for licensure eligibility or students with previous applicable training. 

Students with custom programs may be eligible to take Board exams at different dates. 

Unfortunately, the official Wisconsin Board Exam schedule has been temporarily suspended until at least July of 2016 in Wisconsin while the State works with a new testing vender.  Once test dates have been established they will be publically available on the Department of Safety and Professional Services website.  Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Website

We have trained students from 19 states as well as assisted students nationwide in preparing to pass the national C.P.E. and C.C.E. exams.


Institute Calendar and Instructional Time

Students are expected to complete the course within the designated time frame.  Wisconsin State Law requires students to complete the course in no less than 11 weeks and not more than 30 weeks for a 450 hour program.  Students must complete time tracking which will enable the Institute to document their time on task during all phases of instruction. 

Failure to accurately report time served may result in loss of hours and or penalties up to and including removal from the program.  Vacation days, days missed due to illness or other absence DO NOT count toward your hourly requirement in a clock hour program. 

Term Schedule for the 450 & 600 Hour Wisconsin e-Learning Programs Are Set Entirely Individually. 

You can start e-Learning theory at any time we have space for you and your practical is also scheduled individually.  If you would prefer to complete all of your training onsite we can also arrange for traditional courses on an as needed basis.  Contact us if you wish to select the all onsite program and we can set a custom schedule for you.  The total duration of the program cannot be less than 11 weeks or more than 30 weeks for the 450 hour program according to State law.  The amount of days may vary based on the length of day selected by the student (i.e. 4 hour days, 6 hour days, 10 hour days) as this is a clock hour program. 

Contact us if you wish to select this option as it is set up on an individual basis.  You can complete all of the theory work online and then we schedule your practical experience on an individual basis.  Keep in mind we never take more than ten students on campus at one time.  You can earn your certification and start a whole new career without leaving your day job!

Please note our courses are in huge demand and fill quickly.  Like many colleges, it is not uncommon to find you cannot start onsite tomorrow!  Students are scheduled first enrolled first scheduled basis.  While we make every effort to accommodate student needs in order to uphold our high instructional standards we only schedule students when we have space available to accommodate them appropriately and ensure the one-on-one attention we are known for.

Wisconsin State Board Electrology Exam Schedule is set by the State.  Find answers to your questions.  Information booklet contains fees, scheduling policies, scoring information, and FAQs.  Download. 

Please Note: All filing deadlines as of 2016 are 3 to 6 weeks prior to the exam date.  Each new exam year dates are released in late December. 

FYI:  Wisconsin State Barber/Cosmetology Examination Fees total $284 (and include initial license fee but could change at any time).  These fees Are NOT included in our program tuition and enrollment fees so be sure to plan accordingly.  Temporary permits are $10 dollars extra. 

Fees for examination are subject to change by the testing company, and cannot be guaranteed.  Check with the WDSPS for the most recent testing company news and exam fees. 

Information about licensing is available on the licensing agency Web site. The links below take you out of the Institute Web site and into the department site.  A new browser window will open when you click the link.  Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Website

Credit card payment will be expected for the exam fees.  River Rock is not involved in that process and do not receive any funds related to it. 


A temporary permit is available for Practitioner, Manicurist, Aesthetician, and Electrologist for a fee of $10.00.  The temporary is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance and CANNOT BE RENEWED OR EXTENDED unless special exemption is granted by the State.  A temporary permit shall not be issued until the applicant has completed training and been approved to take the exam and all fees are paid.  Remember a licensed Electrologist must be supervising you if you are working under a temporary permit.



The Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal offers the Certified Clinical Electrologist or CCE examination by request at a location near you.  It generally costs about $300 and is offered on demand.  Check their website for information regarding testing:


The American Electrology Association offers the Certified Professional Electrologist Examination or CPE once each year at their annual conference.  Check for information, it is generally posted by August of the year the exam is offered.  It generally costs in the neighborhood of $400 and requires a current license to sit for the examination.  Your travel expenses are not built into this cost, that is the fee for the test only.

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