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At the Institute we utilize the best equipment available for both epilating and for sterilization/disinfection purposes.  You will be trained in thermolysis, both flash and manual, the Blend, and single needle galvanic, and phoresis using the latest technology on ALL NEW Equipment in 2016 by Apilus.  

Unlike some other programs, you won't find antiques in our school.  This list is by no means intended to be exhaustive, just illustrative.  Click here to return to the Institute's Home Page or use the links above to navigate our site.


NOTE:  If you already have an epilator, or if you will be working for someone who has a specific type, be sure to let us know that ahead of your onsite time so you can bring it with you to school.  We are able to customize your training so that you are using your target epilator ensuring you are up and running quickly after graduation.


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Sterilization Equipment and techniques in use at the Institute includes Dry Heat and Steam (Autoclave) technologies.

We clean instruments such as tweezers using ultrasonic technology.  This graphic and description is typical of the models in use at the facility.
Crest Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit - 175 HT


Crest offers a wide variety of medical grade ultrasonic cleaners.  Tru-Sweep™ ultrasonic cleaners are available in 7 sizes from 1/2 gallon to 7 3/4 gallons in 3 different configurations.  We utilize the 1/2 gallon model shown here.  

Features and Benefits

2 year warranty on parts and labor.  Analog or digital timers on all units.  Analog model with timer and adjustable thermostatically controlled heater.  Digital model with timer, heat, power control and degas.

All timers have continuous-operation capabilities.  Cover included with all units.  Stainless steel instrument basket available. All Stainless steel enclosures resist damage from chemical spills and will not crack.  Adjustable thermostatically controlled heaters.  Drains with flow control valve.

We utilize dry heat sterilization such as the Wayne and Sterident Brands Dry Heat Sterilizers for Sterilizing.  


We always sterilize tweezers and maintain them in a sterile condition before use.  We do NOT re-use probes in any form.  We utilize ONLY pre-sterilized single use probes.  


We use a variety of furnishings for treatment rooms including rolling carts to hold our epilators and treatment supplies, high intensity lights by Dazor and Luxo, ergonomically adjustable operator chairs and back supports, and two different types of treatment chairs/beds including:


The Elite Silver Star Hydraulic Chair from Silhouette-Tone
  • 15° tip-up seat system
  • Full 360° swivel base, Hydraulic adjustable height
  • The arms automatically adjust to the position of the chair and are easily removed, 
  • Very versatile, lays completely flat for body work
  • Ours are all in a deep brown or black leather-like marine grade water proof and disinfectant friendly covering


The Laguna Sand Electric Lift Chair from Sihouette-Tone

We also feature the areas only Comfort Suite for the comfort and safety of our plus size clients featuring the Laguna Sand fully electric treatment tables.  These are perfect for guests that are over 6'2" tall and have a lift capacity of over 600 pounds.

Every client deserves to feel comfortable and safe during treatment as well as hair free!



Electrology can be very labor intensive and many an electrologist has sacrificed his or her back and eyes. See how her neck is bent in the picture--even though her posture is excellent and this is a pretty easy angle and area to work on.  Talk about neck pain!  


We believe in developing good ergonomically correct work-habits from the start.  Instead of bending over old-fashioned magnifier lights, we recommend a more ergonomically correct solution, scopes, or loupes. 


Some people prefer to try cheap magnifying glasses, and they work in the short run but think of how close (generally 4 inches or less from your work area!) you have to be.  Orascopes eliminate this problem giving you 30+inches of work space. 


Some programs might show images of students using loupes while looking through an old-fashioned magnifying lamp.  They claim this increases the magnification the user would have.  Orascoptic has commented on the use of loupes such as these in addition to a magnifying light as being an indicator of someone "who doesn't know what they are doing."  As the manufacturer does not recommend combining these two tools (as it causes optical distortion and does not increase the magnification) and is in the words of a sales representative the combination is "just stupid" we do not use the combination here.


This is a link right to their site.  Click http://www.orascoptic.com/products/loupes/hires-2-25x to learn more.  

Loupes Package Includes:  Side shields (removable), head strap, custom engraved case and stems on Loupes, prescription lenses

Orascoptic Loupes Are:
  • Ergonomically correct
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Adjustable and customized
  • Unique comfort nose pad
  • lightweight
  • Unparalleled in strength of magnification
Widest Field Optics | Mid Range Level - Class II
Dimension-3 Galilean loupes set the industry standard for comfort and performance. The patented Dimension-3 optics deliver a large depth-of-field, the brightest images, and the best resolution across the entire field-of-view.

The Next Level of Superior Visualization™

Setting a new standard with a revolutionary new optical design. HiRes combines the most important features in a loupe system - high resolution, a wide viewing field and lightweight comfort - and all in a smaller loupe system.

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