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Rock Solid Pledge


Work at your own pace on theory until you are rock solid on your skills.  During the practical if you, or our staff, feels you are not confident and/or competent in your skills and could benefit from additional training time, your extra training at River Rock is on us--that's right for FREE! 


We will make sure you aren't just spending seat time but that you are proficient in the skills sets you need—if that takes longer than your contracted time then we do the extra for free!  We set you up for success.


As your training facility of choice, it is important to us that you succeed.  Sometimes it is not easy to realize you are done with your hours but your skill level is such that you would have difficulty with your Board exams or with competing in the marketplace once you are on your own. 


While we want all of our graduates to feel great about themselves and their experience at River Rock, we also must be honest and realistic comparing your progress to the norm and our standards.  When needed, we will step up and deliver the opportunity for more training to help you meet your goals and our goals. 


While remediation is certainly one reason for the Pledge, we have had students who while we felt they preformed in a superior manner, they felt they needed more time.  The Pledge is not a punitive step but a supportive one.


Because of the sensitive nature of individual perception of skill level and the group dynamics of being in a class with others, we will always strive to maintain your sense of dignity and respect your privacy by not informing others of your taking advantage of the Pledge to gain more skill and confidence.  Extra hours regardless of reason, are not typically recorded on your transcript and will not be released without your prior written consent to do so except as required by law. 


By enrolling in this program, you have taken the first step toward an exciting new career and we want to help you make it a long and productive one by helping you build the skill set you need to succeed. 


To invoke the Pledge as a student, simply request more time from the Institute in writing.  We will work with your schedule to line up the time and content you need to get you up to speed.




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